Recommended Read: Love You To A Pulp by C S DeWildt


Great Recommendation of LOVE YOU TO A PULP

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love you to a pulpGlue sniffing private eye Neil Chambers is hired to track down a small town pharmacist’s errant daughter and things very quickly spiral violently out of control.

In Love You To A Pulp, CS DeWildt  cleverly balances old school pulp fiction – pushed to the max – with a lyrical country noir/ coming-of-age story. Both story strands are smartly tied together in the book’s breathlessly violent conclusion.

Great stuff!

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Recommended Read: Love You To A Pulp by C S DeWildt

So I’ve got books…plus a new interview

Hello friends! It’s been so long since I’ve done a real update and this still ain’t it! The plan is to rework the old and make it presentable for decent folk. But I am a lazy man with a novel to finish so it might be a bit. In the meantime, here are a few links.

My novel Love You to a Pulp is the gritty tale of a glue-huffing detective on the trail of a missing girl and a southern friend pill scheme. only $2.99 on Kindle!

My novella Candy and Cigarettes is the story of Lloyd Bizbang, a small town loner who’s been followed by death his whole life. Connected to a series of violent events by the Chief of police with an agenda of his own, Lloyd learns that that in the in the face of revenge, innocence is meaningless.

Dead Animals is a gritty collection of shorts and flash fiction. Some crimes, some transgressions, and few happy endings.

What’s a “flash novel”? Check out The Louisville Problem and find out!

Like I said before, new interview. Check it out!

So I’ve got books…plus a new interview

Sneak preview of new novella

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Untitled psycho noir:

Chapter 1

Killing her was easy.

The killing was always the easy part. Want to kill a bitch? No problem. It’s just a couple simple steps.  Get a real sharp knife, come up behind her, pull her head back by her hair and then, well, commit. Fully commit to making a deep, long, ear-to-ear cut.

That’ll do it. Every time.

Next, just drop Helen or Amber or Nadine or whoever the fuck, and walk away. Just let go. If you’ve done it right, if you’ve actually fully committed, by the time you’ve walked to the nearest sink and cleaned off your knife, the little cutie will either be slowly bleeding out, or be dead already from lack of oxygen due to a severed trachea.

This is what Lancaster Messier had just done to Florence Hanratty. She never made a sound, which was satisfying because it gave Lancaster…

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Sneak preview of new novella

Old News Made New

Hello friends and lovers.  I’m back. I suck at blogging, but I’m out of guest posts for the moment, and I do have a few pieces of news.


1. The Louisville Problem has released! It’s a gritty noir tale in the vein of Jim Thompson. Very happy that the good folks at Bartleby Snopes accepted it for publication.   Pick it up for kindle here or in print here

2. My collection of shorts, Dead Animals, is available here. It’s gotten some great press so far.

3. The new novel is coming along…slowly. But it’s coming!


I think that’s it. Love you. Bye.

Old News Made New