Sneak preview of new novella

Mike Monson

Untitled psycho noir:

Chapter 1

Killing her was easy.

The killing was always the easy part. Want to kill a bitch? No problem. It’s just a couple simple steps.  Get a real sharp knife, come up behind her, pull her head back by her hair and then, well, commit. Fully commit to making a deep, long, ear-to-ear cut.

That’ll do it. Every time.

Next, just drop Helen or Amber or Nadine or whoever the fuck, and walk away. Just let go. If you’ve done it right, if you’ve actually fully committed, by the time you’ve walked to the nearest sink and cleaned off your knife, the little cutie will either be slowly bleeding out, or be dead already from lack of oxygen due to a severed trachea.

This is what Lancaster Messier had just done to Florence Hanratty. She never made a sound, which was satisfying because it gave Lancaster…

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Sneak preview of new novella

New and even better than that: free

New micro piece is up at the wonderful literary site Digging Through the Fat. It’s called Patsy Cline Over and Over and Over and it’s the typical upbeat stuff you’ve come to expect from me.

Some editors have told me they hate bar stories, they see too many of them. Here’s another one I guess.

New and even better than that: free