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I write crime fiction and if accolades were dollars, I’d have some dollars. My style is shined up grit set in the places I know best: rural Michigan, southern Kentucky, and Tucson, Arizona.

I’m currently publishing with All Due Respect Books and I have a new book coming out in summer 2016. It’s called “Kill ‘Em with Kindness” ADR also published my first novel Love You to a Pulp in 2015.

I’ve got a few works in progress as the moment. And I’ll share more about that when the time comes.

So thanks for staying after my less than courteous greeting. Truth is, I’m a really nice guy until you get to know me. Here’s hoping that you do.

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This is a post I wish I would have given more time to, but the procrastinator got the better of me. Yes it’s about black friday, but I’m not ranting I promise. Please give it a read and share your thoughts.

So basically, people are forever bitching about black friday. The past couple years the sentiment has shifted from a generic anti-consumerism platitude to a more emotional plea for the employee and family. While these may be legitimate points of discussion, they detract from some hard realities of the world we live in, and given deeper consideration, we might find that our pressuring the brick and morters to close up shop might be doing more harm than good.

First let’s talk about the plight of the proletariat: Many people have to work the holidays, not just traditional retail. Police, fire, gas stations, fastfood, movie theaters (Very popular on the holidays.) And of course there is the additional inconsistency in that nobody seems to care about the other holidays on which people have to work. I worked a gas station job in college and yes, I would have like to be gassing my boat up for the labor day weekend too, but you know, somebody had to sell beer and smoke Marijuana in the cooler. And you know, seven bucks an hour wasn’t going to buy me much if a boat, let alone the gas to put in it.

The inescapable fact is that working the holidays is standard with many kinds of jobs and employees agree to as much when they take the job (I do think anyone working a holiday should be entitled to extra pay. It was true for me when I was in that line of work, I volunteered for every holiday.) Couple this with another hard truth: If the stores are closed, people are not getting paid. Im not saying thats right, im saying thats the way it IS. If these stores do close because of our snarky Facebook lists of “asshats who won’t delay the frenzy until we’re ready,” we’ve also managed to drive more traffic online, putting a greater cut into the man’s pocket, you know, that guy we wanted to protect the employees from? And guess what, now those people never have to come to the store. How about the day after off too? How about every day off? But at least the big boys still get theirs. And we get ours too, at worst a day later.

Is there any kind solution? Solution to what exactly? What’s the problem again? Who’s being victimized by whom?

Fuck if I know. Happy Festival, bitches.