Suburban Dick by CS DeWildt

New review of SD!

Unlawful Acts

Suburban Dick by CS DeWildtThe book opens with private investigator Gus Harris sitting in his car outside of a school looking for a particular kid to be let out. With picture in hand, Harris waits. The kid peaks out of the school gate and runs forcing Harris to make a U-turn amidst the hustle and bustle of school getting out and give chase. And thus begins CS DeWildt’s Suburban Dick.

The use of dick in the title is in reference to Harris job and how he plays with others – or should I say how he doesn’t play well with others. When I say others, I mean everybody. Harris and his daughter, Jessie,  go to a high school disciplinary hearing run by the school’s dean of discipline, Willis, because Jessie, as much as she would deny it, is much like her father.

Willis banged his gavel and called the hearing to order.

“Is that necessary?” Gus asked.

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Suburban Dick by CS DeWildt

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