Love You to a Pulp

My novel Love You to a Pulp has been snatched up by the good folks over at Martian Lit is homeless again. Fear not. As we speak it is being considered elsewhere.

Even at your lowest, there’s always farther to fall.

LYTAP introduces Neil Chambers, a Kentucky PI with a penchant for cracking skulls and sniffing glue. Recruited to find the local pharmacist’s wild child daughter, Neil soon finds himself not on a case, but in a free fall descent into the seedy underbelly of small town greed, lust, and dark family secrets. No one is what they seem in Brownsville and exposure is something to be avoided, at any cost.

Prototype Cover

5 thoughts on “Love You to a Pulp

    1. I thought so too, but the publisher wants me to change it. Maybe I’ll fight for it. I owe the guy a rewrite by next month so we’ll see how much he likes it. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, man!

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